Your expert partner – every step of the way

 It’s of course best to involve us in the early planning phase of your event – when considering such aspects as over-all concept, venue selection, speaker ideas and presentation formats. We also can offer research and insights regarding the expectations of your event’s target audience. Additionally, we provide in-depth experience with the invitation marketing process and help in developing customized networking and face-to-face meeting opportunities. In fact, you can confidently outsource your entire event production to our team – then all you need to do is decide when and for whom your event is organized, and what you want to say at the event – and we’ll take care of the rest. This allows you and your team to focus on the most important task: networking with your guests.


Concepts and ideas

Let's put our ideas together to make your important event even better!

The content of a professional event is becoming ever more important. What themes, trends and emerging ‘big ideas’ are your target audience most interested in? Who should you have as a speaker? How can you create a real impact and support authentic interactivity and participation? What are the technical solutions for achieving your goals? What are the ideas that best support your targets and business opportunities, and your search for new prospects and clients?

Is your current expo stand concept truly effective and/or doable? Does it really deliver your message and is it attracting enough attention?

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss these and other key questions related to your upcoming event.

Target groups and markets

How to design the perfect event for your target audience? We have the answers.

Through a process of target group analysis we explore and define the expectations of your target audience. Based on the results, your event’s content and themes can be accurately aligned with their needs and wishes. And during this same process we can update your client register. Our analysis focuses on the group selected by you and we implement it through personalized phone calls and a web based survey. Additionally, reaching out to your client base in this way can increase the number of committed event participants, in part because it gives them the chance to impact the content of the event they’ve been invited to.

We’ve found our target group analysis to be a highly effective way to reach out to prospective event guests and win new clients. We map out contact details, contact your define target audience and – most importantly – deliver a message on your behalf that tells about you, your services and your upcoming event. The end result is a comprehensive list of relevant leads.

Invitation process and post event marketing

Get your target audience's attention – at just the right time and across all relevant channels

An event is best understood as a series of encounters with your target audience, and thus it’s important to build communications across all phases of your event – before, during and after. So it is crucial to clearly define and schedule all actions, select relevant channels and plan the event’s content, well in advance.

Invitations should be sent out early. Your target audience may well receive invitations to several related events within the same time frame, so precisely how and when you communicate with them is crucial. We often recommend that you send out printed invitations in addition to email invites. It may also be effective to create a short video greeting as a way of attracting additional attention from your target audience.

We are the experienced experts at managing your entire invitation process – from early planning to final thank you messages and post-event reporting. We create event pages, schedule tasks, plan and send your invitation, including their actual mailing and all communications with your guests. Our service portfolio even provides a personal phone call invitation and activation service, both to ensure that your invitation has arrived and also to activate invitees to register.

Event production

Outsourcing all or part of your event management saves you time – and money.

You can utilise our expertise for one particular task like venue mapping or technical production, or let us handle everything as a turnkey production. Whatever you choose, our executive producer will take responsibility for all stages – and every detail – of your event’s production and vendor management according to the agreed plan and budget. This means you can then concentrate solely on your professional agenda – and arrive at your event ready to focus on hosting your guests.

Match making at an event

A proprietary matchmaking service that efficiently schedules event meetings.

Our Meeting Manager™ matchmaking service lets you book short, one-to-one meetings with your event guests. It’s the perfect solution for bringing together people who did not know each other beforehand so they can make most out of their participation in your event. These short meetings can often be the starting point for fruitful business negotiations.

Our role as your event producer is to book meetings between people before the event, and create personal meeting schedules. At the event we staff a service desk where bookings can be modified. Additionally, our personnel follows this up by making sure that people connected via Meeting Manager™ find each other and their scheduled meetings take place.