Aukio opening, Helsinki-Vantaa airport

In 2014 Finavia started a development program at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport that will continue until the beginning of 2020’s. In February 2019, right in between the airport’s south and west wing, construction had been completed on the heart of the new extension, named Aukio. Aukio is an architecturally impressive space that sets the framework for different events and happenings. The goal for Aukio is also to function as Finland’s showroom to foreign visitors. 

We worked as Finavia’s event partner with arrangements for the opening of Aukio. Our goal was to create a mystical atmosphere, one embodying Finnish nature, where visitors get a genuine sense of what it is to be Finnish. 

The theme for the opening was the magical Winter Wonderland, which was presented through an amazing opening show, and visual elements that were in line with Aukio’s style. The show performers consisted of an international performance group called Vellusta Entertainment. The show had been planned and produced as a unique performance specifically for the opening and the highlights of it were breath taking tricking performances and an impressive light show. Charming Paula Vesala, a famous Finnish artist, worked as the moderator for the event. 

Photos: Finavia