A virtual event is not restricted by time or place. This opens new opportunities both for event organizers, as well as end customers. 

Virtual events bring people together over the web. Additionally, they reach a global audience. This allows for large accessibility in a cost-efficient way. The need for travel is eliminated and you can participate in the event remotely, for instance from home. 

 The execution of a successful event requires preplanning and consistency throughout the content, the script, and the actual technical implementation. With the physical duration of the event being shorter, expertise with condensing content and knowing the interests of the end customers is an absolute requirement. A solid script keeps the event dynamic while inspiring its viewers. Professional technical execution guarantees seamless event progress without breaks, allowing the execution of various features that activate the participant.  

We at ME Studio would like to encourage you to seize this opportunity, venture out into the new, and together create virtual events rich in experiences. You can download and experience ME Studio Goes Live event below. From the recording, you will hear more about the possibilities of virtual events as well as delved into the topic from different perspectives.

ME Studio Goes Live Recording

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Events are effective tools for influencing. In one day, an organizer can gather a desired target group in the same space and relate to them the message they want.

In big corporate events there are often hundreds of company and organization representatives. With this in mind, events often have free networking time. Event spaces however are quite often enormous halls and participant numbers so high, that finding the right people for personal networking is virtually impossible.

ME Studio offers customers the opportunity to utilize the meeting day for more efficient networking with the use of the Meeting Manager service. Meeting Manager and ME Studio make sure on behalf of the customer, that the participants (both hosts, as well as guests) make the most out of the day.

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All internal company events, from smallest gatherings to parties and seminars, are effective communication tools. The importance of communication is emphasized in times of great changes.

Rightly executed communication brings desired results internally and relates information. Good internal communication is a sign of good leadership in experiences of employees.

Through an event, the management of a company can internally meet a chosen employee group. The content of an event can be entirely entertaining, have a more serious approach, or why not both. All depending on what kind of message the management wants to send to the employees. Our planning professionals always help customers in figuring out what kind of content will deliver the message best.

Well executed, internal company events are in the employees’ opinion one of the highlights of the year. With one investment, our customers attribute to employee well-being, they clarify their own leadership, and relate information.

Below some references of events where internal communication plays a key role

Reboot Finland D.Day 2017


Schneider Electric Innovation Summit Helsinki 2018


EUREKA Innovation Days 2018


Internationalism is the backbone of ME Studio. We are part of Management Events Group, which has offices in 13 different countries.

Our strength lies in having solid experience in organizing events cross border and having vast networks in various market areas. As event concepting is always built around addressing the needs of the target group, a versatile understanding of local practices in different market areas, as well as a partner network around the world, have proved to our advantage.

Our international events expert functions as a link between these numerous networks, allowing the customer to handle everything necessary with the help of one contact person. Whether it is having knowledge regarding the target country’s local practices and culture or being able to take into consideration the local target group in support of concepting, we are the right partner for event realization. What we bring to the table is strong know-how, thanks to which organizing events abroad is both cost efficient as well as impressive.

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Making event planning and concepting a part of your marketing and business strategy produces impressive results.

Customer relations strengthen through events and you are able to give your rational message an emotional dimension. In practice, an event concept brings your brand to life.

Event planning based on your business strategy helps you stand out from competition. Events can efficiently affect people’s behavior and their feelings. Without strategic thinking and a strong link to your business activities, a significant part of the overall potential remains untapped.

We at ME Studio have focused on understanding our customers’ and their target groups’ needs, in order to create innovative event concepts, marketing and event solutions, as well as surprising experiences that produce desired results.

Below some great references of event concepting and strategy.



Manufacturing Performance Days 2017


Business Finland – Indagra & EuroTier 2018



In the digital age, we are constantly surrounded by millions of messages and stimuli. This makes genuine encounters and experiences not only valuable, but above all, desired.

People want messages targeted to them to be influential, meaningful and touching. Utilizing experiential marketing for events as a marketing platform is still relatively rare in companies. This gives pioneers an opportunity to stand out on the market and achieve a clear competitive advantage. We at ME Studio are experiential marketing experts and we are happy to create genuine, meaningful encounters with your target group.

Experiential marketing as part of your marketing toolkit increases effectivity.

Customers in today’s modern world have more options. Feelings and moods are proven to affect final purchase decisions. Shared experiences with customers engage, create a desired impression of the company, and above all, awaken emotions. By utilizing means of experiential marketing, you can invoke strong emotional experiences, by which you can effectively engage your customers to your brand.

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Planning and concepting always starts from the customer’s needs. We handle the whole lifespan of an event, from first step to follow up, with steel-tight expertise.

The set goal for our events is to always impress, surprise, and produce positive emotional experiences. Emotions work as a motor for decision making, and by affecting emotions through events, we can also affect behavior.

Our production team’s project management professionals take care of the execution of the event in practice, paying attention even to the smallest detail. We duly report on the progress of the project, giving our customer’s the ability to concentrate on other things, or if wanted, to actively participate as a project member from beginning to end.

Below some great references of successful events.

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Aukio opening – Helsinki-Vantaa airport