All internal company events, from smallest gatherings to parties and seminars, are effective communication tools. The importance of communication is emphasized in times of great changes.

Rightly executed communication brings desired results internally and relates information. Good internal communication is a sign of good leadership in experiences of employees.

Through an event, the management of a company can internally meet a chosen employee group. The content of an event can be entirely entertaining, have a more serious approach, or why not both. All depending on what kind of message the management wants to send to the employees. Our planning professionals always help customers in figuring out what kind of content will deliver the message best.

Well executed, internal company events are in the employees’ opinion one of the highlights of the year. With one investment, our customers attribute to employee well-being, they clarify their own leadership, and relate information.

Below some references of events where internal communication plays a key role

Reboot Finland D.Day 2017


Schneider Electric Innovation Summit Helsinki 2018


EUREKA Innovation Days 2018